An Overview of Landscape Design

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Landscape design is a profession of art and design. This profession is practiced by landscape designers by combining nature with design. The landscape design profession is a connection between garden designing and landscape architectural design. The landscape designers focus on combining the landscape plan of a property/land and the garden design with plants and trees in them. It is a combination of softscape design and hardscape design. The professionals in landscape design collaborate architecture, geography, civil engineering, botany, landscape contracting, horticulture, environment and soils. You may check out the Austin landscape design to know more about their practitioners who have talent, skills, experience and qualifications legally to take up the projects.

Landscape Design Projects

The landscape design projects can involve two professional roles namely,

  • Landscape design – It involves artistic composition and horticultural expertise in conceptual stages to final construction.
  • Landscape architecture – It involves urban, city, corporate landscape and large-scale design projects.

Design Factors involved in the Projects

Austin landscape design

Design factors like climate, topography, orientation, water drainage, groundwater, building codes, soil, irrigation, vehicle access to the location, human access to the landscape, recreational facilities, lighting, native plants present in the location, safety, security, construction and climatic conditions are involved in the landscape design projects. The design factors can also include subjective priorities like the client’s needs, client’s preference, plants or trees to retain, modify or replace in the land, spatial definition like lines, scale, symmetry, balance, plant colours, focal points and entertainment. Designing a garden that is well-functioning and pretty that can sustain over time needs to be considered while doing the landscape design projects.

About Online Landscape design job

The online landscape design job involves the professional landscape designers to design and plan the site in two dimensional images without even visiting the site. This online landscape design job can only focus on placing plants that can tolerate all climatic conditions because the soil is not tested for its pH value and any kind of quality assessment is not undertaken. There is no real time visual approach involved in the online landscape design job.

Training or Courses Offered for the Landscape Design Profession

The landscape designers are mostly trained by apprenticing to accomplish the master degree in this field. They are known as the Landscape Gardener in Europe and America. In 1890’s there were known as Landscape architects. Proper education and licensing are required to take up the Landscape design profession title legally.

The early 20th century provided institutions with landscape design courses which was later taken to higher levels. Horticulture programs with design elements were offered in colleges and universities. The school of agriculture/ horticulture started to offer garden and landscape design courses and certificate programmes. The department of landscape design are located in the school of agriculture and environmental design. Both under graduate and post graduate courses are offered. Some of the specialities these courses offered are horticulture botany, natural resources, construction management, landscape design history, fine and applied arts. More hand drawings were required and documented in these courses. Landscape design software are used by these students and professionals in recent days. Other informal apprentice ways to take up this course are landscape designers, landscape contractors, gardeners, nurseries and botanical docent programs.