Cost of Living in the North Carolina Triangle Area

When you are considering moving to North Carolina triangle area, then you may worry about the cost living over there. As it is an affordable state, everyone can lead their life happily and the cost of living in the North Carolina region is too economical.

Home prices in North Carolina:

According to the latest survey, the median sale price of the homes in North Carolina is probably about 175,600 US dollars. It is actually the average cost across all the properties found there. If you are looking for the one bedroom houses, they have an average price of about 108,000 US dollars; then you can check the overall details through this website When it comes to the two-bed room houses, they have an average price of about 120,000 US dollars. If you are in need of choosing the 3-bed room houses, you should need to pay around 163,000 US dollars. But at the same time, there you can also find the 4 bedroom houses which will have an average rate of 273,000 US dollars.

All these prices of the houses in North Carolina regions are only average amounts and they may vary by city. First of all, you should need to fix your requirements and then look for an appropriate house just within your budget. Before buying a house in this area, it is also better obtaining some expert money advice. If you are looking for a rental house, a one-bed room apartment will have an average rent of 815 US dollars and the studios’ rent will be 984 US dollars. The two-bed room rental apartments will have an average rent of 933 US dollars whereas the three-bed room apartments will cost up to 1,119 US dollars per month, so you can easily pay your monthly rentals and for more details, you can visit

Cost of living for food and other needs:

  • Food – In North Carolina, you should need to spend 236.70 US dollars per month for the food requirement of one child and one adult. For the entire family with two adults and two kids, you have to spend around 594.60 US dollars.
  • Transportation – When it comes to the transportation cost in North Carolina, it carries an average cost of 1.978 US dollars. But the monthly express pass cost is 121 US dollars and the express plus package cost is 176 US dollars.
  • Health care – For the health care facilities in hospitals, you have to spend from 102 US dollars to 234 US dollars. If you are visiting the primary care physicians, they cost an average of 188 US dollars, but it ranges from 110 to 250 US dollars.

But there are different prices available for enjoying the facilities in the pub, a package of cigarettes, gym membership, wifi connectivity, cocktail drink in the downtown club, tickets in theatres, basic dinner out in the restaurants and everything. But all of them are only affordable as compared to other areas in Carolina. As the cost of living is very lower here in North Carolina, most of the people are willing to move there with their family.