Explore about Milan and enjoy your walking tour

free walking tour Milan

Milan is a wonderful city in Italy and it is well known for museums, music and art, cathedrals and fashion. This is the reason why many tourists get attracted to it. Apart from that, you can find some day trips available for sightseeing. You can enjoy a free walking tour Milan when you are planning to visit the tourist attractions in Milan. You can spend one full week here and enjoy all the places. The airports here are important for the flights to and from any place and so you can end up with the tour with a great experience.

free walking tour Milan

Best plan to visit Milan

The Milano Centrale is the main station in Milan and it is located in the center of the city. This is the best place to start your tour from and easy to commute to any place from here. Your walking tour does not end here but there are many options available for you to reach the central station once the shopping and walking are over. If you are planning for a walking tour, then you have to plan shopping at the last because you can avoid carrying the shopping bags in hand and reduce the burden.

Carrying bags to cathedrals, museums and other places will not be an easy job so you can avoid them. Once the sightseeing is over, you can rush to some shops and buy nice dresses or a pair of good shoes. You must make sure that you wear shoes that make you comfortable for walking. Usually, a good plan of visiting places in Milan would start from Bergamo. You can reach the central station and start traveling to the places. You have to be careful in choosing the right trains and travel in the right direction because you don’t waste time switching over trains.

Places to visit in a walking tour in Milan

  • Duomo Di Milano

The ancient designs of Duomo are worth visiting for the money and the efforts made. You will be allowed to climb to the top of the cathedral and also provided with a photo capturing opportunities. There is also the facility of the elevator to climb up if you are not able to climb the stairs. Even if you don visit to the top you need to spend at least sometime to take pictures of the cathedral because they are very good looking because of the construction and artworks.

  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

This is the world’s oldest shopping mall with a four-story covered passage and it is the major landmarks of Milan. The products would be very costly and so most of the people do not buy anything here.

  • Piazza Della Scala

It is next to the Vittorio gallery and you can find the statue of Leonardo da Vinci and it is a worth monument visiting.

  • Sforza Castle

It is one of the largest citadels in Europe and you can see large masterpieces of Italian artists.

There are many other places to visit and you can prefer a free walking tour of Milan to have a great experience. You can also explore the places on the internet so that you can get an idea and plan properly.