Finer Choices for the Best Houses

You are out and you know how much you want to bid on that nice house that you have seen? Now you just have to inform the selling party about your bid. A visit to makes things perfect now.

A first tip: check how far you can go

If you are going to make a bid then you must of course know how far you can go. You can calculate your mortgage yourself, but yes you can also check this for free at 1 of my adviser through a telephone conversation. That provides more certainty and together we can determine what the maximum financial offer could be.

Can’t get enough mortgages to buy your dream house? Then you can also let your parents act as guarantor for the mortgage. How do you arrange such a guarantee for the mortgage?

How much more mortgage if parents guarantee in 2019?

Do you have a nice house in mind but are you short of income? If your parents can contribute, there are several options to increase your maximum mortgage. One of these is a guarantee from your parents for the mortgage. At present there are 2 parties that offer options: Generation Mortgage and parents’ mortgage sign. How much you can get extra because of this depends entirely on the income of your parents. You take out the mortgage together, so your parents are also liable.

It can also be different

A guarantee for the mortgage is a horse’s remedy. You take out a mortgage together. The bank therefore also looks strictly at the income of your parents. There are also other options where you are less connected to each other but can still increase your mortgage considerably. It is a lot nicer to become the sole owner of the house.

You can also view the following alternatives for a guarantee for the mortgage:


Your parents can donate to you in various ways. Tax-free, they can give you 5,428 dollars annually. From 2018 onwards, your parents may donate 102,010 dollars tax-free for the purchase of a home if you are between 18 and 40 or your partner. This way you can spend a lot more on your home. Do you already have a house in mind? Then check with my tool if you can buy the house with this donation. Enter the amount under own money.

A loan from your parents with a gift agreement

Another option is that your parents borrow your money for your mortgage. This is called a Family Bank. It may sound strange, but there are also rules attached to this. You also pay interest for this loan, this must be from the Tax Authorities, and otherwise it is a gift. The bank therefore simply sees the loan as a debt. Of course you do not want them to lower your maximum mortgage due to this debt. You can escape this by entering into a gift agreement that works like this:

Borrow with gift agreement

It works like this: You take out a loan with your parents for a period of 30 years. You pay interest on this. Every year your parents donate the amount that you have paid them in interest. This is possible as long as the amount does not exceed the aforementioned tax-free 5,363 dollars.