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Have a great trip to New Zealand with the help of Flacco travel blog


New Zealand is known to be the land of adventures. Travel enthusiast all over the world travels to this place to have an adventurous experience. It offers a wide range of activities such as rock climbing, free falling, cave walks, Bungy jumping, skiing, etc. This is a beautiful country with lots of mountains, forests, and landscapes. The capital city is Wellington and the most famous city is Auckland. New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.


Things to explore:


  • Enjoy bungy jumping in queen’s town. The Height can range up to 500ft.one jump can cost $190, which is a bit expensive.


  • Try sky diving in Lake Taupo.


  • Plan a Holiday at Abel Tasman National Park: this place is situated in South Iceland with clear water, Thick forest, and warmer temperature. You can try trucking and Kayaking here.


  • Enjoy the city life of Wellington: This town has beautiful engineering extra vinyasas, Places to explore the culture of the country and can be also termed as a party town.


  • Escape into the sea for a whale and dolphin watch. You can explore the marine diversities either from Auckland bay of islands or south island.


  • Snow skiing can be a chilling experience. You can try this during winter around the queen’s town. The equipment can be taken on rent. This can cost some hundred dollars.


  • Blend with New Zealand culture by having a glimpse of their cultural shows. Here is a lot of mud crafted architectures, Rotorua is the place to visit it has a lot of soothing spas for relaxation.


  • Enjoy the scenic portraits of Kaikoura. This is an awesome place where you can have a glimpse of mountains glaciers, beautiful ocean, and wildlife.


  • Wellington Botanic Gardens can be a treat for your eyes. There are a lot of breath-taking gardens all around this region but Wellington Botanic is on top of all. This place has free entry.


  • Explore Queenstown this town has great eateries, fun activities and you can party all night here. New Zealand also termed as a place for best wines.




Facilities for the traveller:


There all Hotels and cottage facilities all around the country for explorers. The prices can range from 20 NZD to 70 NZD per night. As far the food is concerned dine-in experiences can be an expensive affair here. But economic options are always available in the form of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese eateries. There all worldwide food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s.


There is a wide range of public transportation facilities like buses and train services which is easy and pocket-friendly. Flying to New Zealand is expensive. You have only 2 airline options Air New Zealand and Jetstar and you can get your tickets cheaper if you book a few months in advance. So pack your bags with Flacco tips and get ready to explore New Zealand.