How Plumber clean blocked Drains?

Blocked Drain Southend

Every year new technology launches and in the industry of plumbing industry, there is no exception. In recent years, so many new tools are licensed to clean the drains. If you are facing such a problem, I mean a blocked drain in your house or working place, then you can hire a skilled plumber, who also has new technology and the right tools.

Blocked Drain Southend

In this article how the plumber cleans Blocked Drain Southend and how they diagnose drainage in an effective manner.

  • CAMERAS: Yes, you are reading the right It will not drain anything but the plumber used it to know the issue. This is also known as CCTV drain camera, pipe inspector, and sewer camera. These cameras were used to inspect the condition of pipes and also for identification of damage or blockage in the line.

A very small camera attached with the fiber cables so they can send the footage of the inside the pipes and the plumber will understand what is the cause behind the blockage and how they can re- pare it. Different types of blockage required different types of repair. If the blocking reason for the pipe is oil, then they will use a jet blaster for the high pressure for the drain cleaning. So these drain cleaner cameras can easily detect the issue.

  • PIPE LOCATORS: The other essential tool of a plumber is pipe locators. These tools will reduce the unnecessary work of excavation. You don’t need to dig the entire lineup. The plumber can easily target the pinpoint of the exact location of the damaged
  • JET BLASTERS: These jet blasters have a hose and also a nozzle as an attachment and it is a drain cleaner with the Holy Grail. It pressurized the water with a force and the pressure is near about 5000 pounds per inch. The water target is in multiple directions in the drain. It cleans all types of clogs and cleans the drain from the inside. It is also the latest technology and superior to the old one. Nowadays this technology is quite popular because it saves time and money too. You don’t need to use any chemical for the blockage, just know the exact issue through the plumber and his tools, your blocked drain issue will be resolved very soon.
  • PLUNGERS: The Plungers are old technology and also integral equipment in the plumber’s box. These plungers will be used for the cleaning of sink drains, bathroom showers, or toiletries. Most of the home has a cup plunger in the standard size and they don’t have the idea that different types of plungers are only suitable with the different types of drains. There are two types of plungers. The first one is the toilet plunger or you can say flange Plunger, which has a rubber flange in the middle rubber cup, it will ensure a proper seal to the irregularly shaped drain. If we talk about the sink plunger then it is good for the flat drain opening.

So these are some tools and equipment which are helping the plumber to resolve the issue of drain blockage.