Life Coaching Options You Really Need to be Sure About

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Record your answers in a notebook or application so that you don’t forget them and have easy access to them. Reread your motivations once a week and whenever you feel like you’re losing your game. You can search by life coach near me and find the best results.

Define the first steps

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Many get stuck at this stage of a project without ever going into execution. We are trying to trace the road to our goal in full. This results in excessive research and endless procrastination. This approach rarely pays off. It is good to have a general idea of ​​his approach and a direction to start. But you don’t need to know everything from start to finish. What to do in this case? Define the next steps. All you need is to see the next action to execute it. Then do the next action, and so on.

Objective: Launch a new online training on a personal organization for February 1st.

Next actions:

  • Create a questionnaire on Google Forms with the 3 questions to ask.
  • Write the email for subscribers with the link to the questionnaire.
  • Send the email.
  • Find a problem or a recurring theme in the answers.
  • Choose the theme of new training.
  • Create a new folder in Google Docs titled “Course Name”.
  • Brainstorm ideas for training in 2 one-hour sessions.
  • Group ideas together
  • Create a plan.
  • Find the title of the training.

The idea is to make your actions affordable so that you can do them without difficulty.

To you:

  • Take your first goal of the year
  • Define his first 3 actions
  • Write them down in your notebook or application

Program the first step

Be frank. If the next task in your project is not planned, it will probably not be done. You must allow time in your days to accomplish your goals. The good news is that by cutting out your goal in the next concrete action, you don’t need to allocate hours each day. But it is important to plan this next action because:

What is planned is 100 times more likely to be done.


  • Place the next action for your goals in your calendar or task application, depending on how you organize yourself.
  • The scheduled task in the agenda
  • Action planned in the agenda
  • When it is done, plan the next action.
  • Once your first actions have been carried out, identify the actions.

Find a support partner

This reveals that the changes necessary to form habits are more credible for us and therefore more feasible when they are made in the community. When you are in a group, you can support each other, benefit from sound advice and encourage each other to move forward. The goal is, therefore, to surround yourself with a person or a community favorable to the pursuit of your goals. Chat regularly with her. Talk about your progress, but also about the difficulties you are having.

But then, we all want something in life, whether it is ambitious expectations or small dreams without taking the time to ask ourselves if these goals are the right ones in the end. It is clear that setting specific goals is important, but ensuring that they really match your desires and needs is essential. Also, here is the guide guaranteeing you to determine the appropriate objectives.