Men’s Puffer Vest: Tips to Wear

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As the name implies, it is a vest i.e. it has no sleeves that has padded buds between the seams, providing volume to it. It is a very stylish and versatile piece to wear in the cold months. So taking advantage of the fact that winter has come to this country for a while, here are some tips for incorporating the puffer vest into your look. For the gilet de costume you need the best choices.

The Sweater

Has the temperature dropped? Then you can add a sweater to the look. The light gray is perfect for this combination. The look is more harmonious when the vest has a darker tone than the bottom, not the other way around.

With Social or Flannel Shirt

There are people who wear a puffer vest with a social shirt. You particularly don’t like this duo. But if you bet on a plaid flannel shirt, then the talk is different. It gives a lumberjack look, which has been on the rise for some years.

What Such a Foot?

For the feet, nothing better than a beautiful boot, to bring even more rusticity to the look. Then you can choose according to your preference: Chelsea, coturno, desert, yellow the options go many.

Twill Blazer

An excellent way to keep warm on winter days is by using the layering technique. The puffer jacket works very well in these combinations. You can put a twill blazer on or underneath the result is too much.

What about the pants?

Regarding the pants, you can bet on jeans or twill, preferably dark tones, because they match the cold. But if you want to sometimes use a lighter tone, that’s fine too.

Open, Closed or Half

If you’re in the dilemma of wearing your open, closed or half puffer vest, you don’t have to worry: all of these options work well in the look, whether it’s zippered or front button models. There goes the personal taste and of course the weather because if it is cold, it is always better to leave it closed to warm the body.

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How to wear a social vest with pants

The social vest can work well with jeans in very dark tones such as blue and black. If you are looking for a more patterned and sporty type, it is best to combine with lighter chino or social pants.

It is important that the vest reaches to the waist and prevents the shirt from appearing under it. This mistake is terrible and leaves your look sloppy.

With a jacket or without a jacket

It is classic and a great combination to make you more alternative informal events. When wearing the vest this way, always leaves it closed and with the suit, jacket or jacket open. For the latest pieces, it’s a good match for casual style on cold days. Wearing a belt, harness and other accessories can make a lot of difference in look when paired with the men’s social vest. Do remember that the accessories add up to any look.

With a t-shirt and shorts

A good choice for a finer barbecue, company holiday and even the day-to-day when the hell is hot. To give you a more refined touch to the look, wearing the vest with a plain t-shirt and shorts is a good option.