Pelican Training Courses and Examination

Pelican Flight School

Capacity gives capable flight planning courses of action from muscular strength to a private or master level pilot. Pelican Flight School offers separate courses and getting-ready modules for pilots who are continuing with their arrangement. They are EASA LICENSE, FAA LICENSE, TIME BUILDING.

EASA Pilot Training

Pelican Flight School

It is one of the famous pilot sessions in Europe. Flight School is an EASA Approved Training Organization. With us, mentors have an astounding opportunity to transform into a worldwide transporter pilot who will hold a frozen license – the most raised degree of plane pilot insistence.

FAA Pilot Training

American License

It is one of the most famous trainings in the United States. flight school endorsed by the FAA under Part 141 and Part 61. With this, people have a possible opportunity to transform into a worldwide master pilot with a license. In America, this is the most popular academy in training which attracts more pilots under training.

Time Building

Pelican flight school can give offices to oblige everyone’s taste and monetary arrangement. Our staff will help you with finding the most suitable spot during your audit. Present second and long stretch offices are available of interest.

Time Building in Europe

The Time Building offers the stunning opportunity to create flight hours in the Czech Republic, in the genuine heart of Europe. As a component of the Time Building program, understudies can get limits on trips as a result of the immense number of hours they purchase. You have furthermore the opportunity to make their individualized schedule. Flying Academy is great for time working, as it licenses you to head out to many connecting European countries.

Time Building in the USA

Time Building offers understudies the opportunity to develop flight hours in Miami and Los Angeles. Understudies can engage themselves with our exquisite points of view! As a part of the Time Building program, understudies can get limits on trips because of the colossal number of hours they purchase. You moreover have the astounding opportunity to make your individualized schedule. Flying Academy Miami is appropriate for time building. The Florida and California climate gives understudies the probability to fly 365 days consistently. Upheld Test Center for EASA speculative evaluations. Pelican flight school is the real master flight planning centre in the Czech Republic that offers a probability to float through the theoretical tests for PPL, CPL, and ATPL levels at the school premises, all under the Austro Control authority.

Productive satisfaction of the theoretical appraisals is one of the rule necessities for any EASA pilot grant. The Regulation on Aircrew charts the parts of information for each grant or plan that you should cover, but the tests are by and large held at the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Member States. In any case, as of now, you have a surprising and open door to float through your theoretical tests at school

Evaluations Location and Schedule

The tests are sat and aimed at Prague following all careful steps to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Tests happen 2 days every month subject to the schedule. In these irksome events, flight schools put the security of the applicants leading the pack position – the disinfection hand gel is open and you will be expected to wear a facial covering.