PNB link building for a proper ranking

PBN Link Building

The use of PBN will allow the choosing of the content as well as the anchor text surrounding the link, this will make the backlink very useful. The time and money took for creaking and getting a single backlink on your own through outreach etc. would be incomparable to a host of links that you could get by the use of PBN. The number o man hours and the funds can be used for other things to improve the website etc. Make use of PBN Link Building .

PBN Link Building

Why it is risky

The use of PBN will allow them to get hold of a large number of backlinks which they would have complete possession, with which they will manipulate the anchor text and content as they want to head up in the ranking of the search engines. This is one of the ways you could actually make your way up the ranking s in a swift manner, is ethically right, well it is not and as per google guidelines,it is a means of short employed to surge ahead and perhaps come under the black hat strategy. If you do not get found out by Google, they will follow the procedure of either

  • You may face a penalty
  • Deindexing of PBN sites that you have used.

This deindexing process decreases the value of the link, which would be as usual when you are procuring ones as usual and which won’t be much use. But it will not affect the sites who have genuinely got the link, this will spare the sites who aren’t involved in the cutting corners to acquire links.

why is it still used?

It has to be known that the sites which use these links form PBN is not the smaller sites but even the bigger sites have employed this method to be ahead in the rankings. The race is always to be at the top whichever means it takes, the sites see this a chance of roping in unethical ways to reach high. These big sites make sure that they get the highest authoritative sites for themselves. This a risk they are willing to take because the SEO will be able to manipulate the anchor text, content and the quality too of what should go out there on the website page. The SEO is a clever lot who cleverly adapt the PNB links with the white hat link building techniques. This combination of both the PBN links with the organic links work well for the website.You can email the blogger if you find one and help them replace them with a good one. You can pitch the blogger with your own blog post for replacement and easy fix their problems.There are websites with free templates that help you create infographics very easily. It helps in more shares and backlinks.


The CEOs are able to manipulate the specific keywords that are present in the PBN links as per choice make it search friendly. SEOs were able to access the links because this is a place where anyone can purchase the links they want.