Runescape bot – a way to make money fast

RuneScape Bot

RuneScape a popular computer game famous all over the world was first released in the year 2001. Since then the game has been played by millions of people around the world and many versions of the game have been released by the company. RuneScape takes place in a virtual world where the player fights with a number of nonplayer monster characters. In RuneScape Bot is a computer controlled player which most of the people prefer to make money or improve the gaming skills and go to higher levels. Boating is actually an offense and if reported the player account may be banned. But when compared to regular players bot performs the task well and faster than a human being. RuneScape bot is actually automated programs which Run by computer coded languages like Java. These programs are a virtual machine and are modified to prevent Jagex from detecting the botting client.

RuneScape Bot

Types of botters :

There are two types of botters in Runescape bot. The casual botters and gold farmers. This classification is based on the purpose of botting. Casual botters use a bot to progress in their games may be because they don’t have enough time to play or they are not so strong at the game. Gold farmers on the other hand bot only to make a profit. These gold botters create many accounts and use them to collect gold and earn money.

There are different types of boting clients available online. These botting clients can be linked to your account and made to play on your behalf. You can select any trusted or most tried boting clients available on various boating sites and then use them to play regularly on your account. People create multiple accounts in OSRS and then let them play till they are banned. These accounts work continuously and generate much profit every hour even before they get banned. The active account holder later sells the earned gold to any trusted gold seller listed on the boating site and earn a huge sum of money.

There are many middlemen in the black market of OSRS who help the players by taking a percentile fee. These middlemen help the players to create and manage boating accounts as well as to sell the gold and make money out of it. These middlemen act as Bridge between buyer and seller and earn their percentage of income. These middlemen on the boting sites work with the customers for percentile fee. But not all middlemen are trustworthy. It is always advisable to go for those middlemen who are considered as an official middleman.

The player creates multiple accounts with different usernames and goes for booting. But if the booting account is traced, then the account will be blocked immediately. So it is not preferable to use your main account for booting. Always create some multiple secondary accounts and you can use it for booting. So, in that case, you need not to worry much or you won’t lose much even if your botting account is banned after some time.