Santa Cruz- Best ever place to live in

Who in the world doesn’t want to get settled in a place which is surrounded by water and having beautiful nature all around? Wondering what place, it is? It is Santa Cruz, yes you heard it right, a city in California which is developed in all aspects and making many people drive their minds into this city and get home there. In fact, the real estate in the city is much more advanced and can give you a clear and crisp idea of what kind of home you can get so as to stay and enjoy the beautiful nature. The real estate in Santacruz CA is clearly explained in the following link and you can also check out the prices in the website. The real estate market is comprised of the single-family homes, waterfront house on the pristine beaches, townhomes, apartment buildings, condos, commercial development buildings, lands, golf properties and many more.

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Get into each section on the webpage and get the information in detail about all the homes. The homes in this area will be offering the comfort which is ultimate and extraordinary and also with the lifestyle with the price that is affordable and also reasonable. Living in Santa Cruz, you will be surrounded constantly by nature which is marvelous and the great surf those who are hardcore fans of surfing in the waters. It’s really a place which can be simply called as home which one would be dreaming of having in their lifetime.

When we discuss the market report for the Santa Cruz California. The median price of the homes of the single family in the county of the Santa Cruz has hit the record of 935,100 dollars, and that is really a good number. Since that time the price is always above the 900,000-dollar mark. There was also an increase in the sale of inventory homes. I the November first week, there was almost five hundred and forty-four listings, and this is nine percent more than the number which is available on the homes for the sale in the previous year. As for the number of homes which are been sold, it is equal to that of the previous year.


With the greater number of homes in the market, the inventory index which is unsold. The listings are been divided by the sale and were three months up from almost three months a year ago. According to the listings of the MLS, the median days to sell a home on the market was thirty-five days in the month of the October up from twenty days in the year 2017. It has also been predicted for the upcoming year that the price would go down by 0.2 percentile of the median home price of California. As the place is very good for staying with all the development and advancements along with the scenic beauty, there is a lot of interest and love for the people to stay in Santa Cruz.