The Perfect Passtime with 123 Movies


When you are in a relationship, it is not always easy to agree on a lot of things. The evening film is one of them. Fortunately, in the era of 2.0, a site proposes to decide for us by respecting the desires of each one. So effective or not; you can find all your favorite movies in 123movies .


Being in a relationship is often synonymous with compromise and it goes from the evening meal to the weekend outings, holidays and other festivities. And of course, it also concerns the film that we decide to watch to spend a quiet evening, just two because before leaving the wine glasses and the sun pie, it will already be necessary to agree on the film to watch, and it can take long minutes, even hours.

A site to choose the movie of your evening

If your darling loves only war movies or heroes that fly and want to save the world, but you prefer musicals or adventure movies, you will inevitably be stuck at one time or another. This is where the website comes in, based on a simple and effective concept.Each person in the couple indicates which movie they would like to see in an ideal world, and the site engine tells you which movies would be the best compromise for your romantic evening.

To test it, we chose two films that contrast everything: “Dirty Dancing”, a musical cult and a little gnangan and “Fast and Furious 6”, a movie at 100 per hour with lots of cars and engine noise. From there, the site offers us to watch “Thelma and Louise”, “Speed”, “Mr&Mrs Smith”, or “West Side Story”, “Bridget Jones”, “Chicago”, and Kill Bill” and many others.

A very wide choice so, with some good ideas even if some proposals are quite amazing. We do not see well – for example – how the movie “Titanic” could suit someone who wanted to look “Fast and Furious 6”. Not quite the same adrenaline! Nevertheless, the concept is nice and still allows to have ideas of movies. On the other hand, there may be as many negotiations to choose between the dozens of films on offer.

The binomial first appointment-vision of a film has always been a great classic: it helps to break the ice, leverage the embarrassment and with the excuse of the dark could even be the first kiss ! But woe to make the choice of the type of film wrong: a proposal of a film genre unwelcome could compromise the future with you and even affect a second meeting.

First of all, you have to ask yourself a question first: what kind is your partner? And you, what do you want from this first date? Here are some movies with related tips to hit the center of the first shot and drop it in your arms!

Romantic date: The size of my heart, Studio Ghibli

Shizuku, Seiji and a bizarre cat are the protagonists of this film signed by Miyazaki and the latest work of his colleague Kondo: the love story and the growth of two young boys, dreams, projects, the first heart-pounding in a romantic atmosphere Japanese.

A delicate film thanks to the reality of its contents, where the Ghibli-Miyazaki signature always leaves its mark, Thesize of my heart is an animated film that conquers even the last of the romantics with a perfectly successful and elegant representation, classic of oriental cinema, whispers and heartbeat during the first events. Your partner will already be with heart-shaped eyes even before the credits.