The whole world made for the unity in diversity


The world is full of unity in diversity all the person who is being born on the earth have all rivers to live I the world or any places whatever we want the world people can speak many languages like the English French German 스웨디시  Tamil and many more but all their basic needs are same the world has the many countries and made up with the many cultures there always be the culture changes are often changing but their basic regular things and all not be changed like the food clothing and shelter

Food culture 

There are many changes in the food habits nowadays but the hungry and taking food to solve the hunger is not going to change till the end so for taking food for the hungry to the only way to convince that one so that day we have taken the rice-wheat and the many other which are being grown in the land and all the person in their house has some lands for their food and agriculture purposes they make their vegetables and the other whatever they want but nowadays only a few of them are be doing agriculture for the other one not for him and his family this is the big cultural revolution to make involve of the foreign food in all the countries so this is the main reason of the changes in the food cultures now most of the people like the foreign foods on behalf of their country food

Clothing culture 


In our country, we have the traditional dress called shirt and dhoti for men and saree for the women they are be made these dress as traditional because of our climate conditions and the many other reasons behind these but when the foreign peoples started migrating to our countries they are be wearing the shirt pants suits and the many more they use that clothes because they all be living in the cold places so to defeat that cold all started wearing the coat by seeing their dressing sense they are being changed into it and the shoes are also play the main role in the culture changes in our country no people are wearing the slippers only the landlords and the zamindaris are be wearing these but after they wearing shoes and sandals our people are also be started wearing this

Shelter culture 

On that day no one has the permanent shelter that is be migrating here and there for the climate and food by slowly they are being formed as a group and they make the small village and they itself built their shelter with some things and slowly they are being built their own houses for them with the facilities they want and the due to the cultural changes they are improving their shelters needs and they make all the facilities like the toilet and the many more so all these are happening due to the culture changes in all over the world our world is the place of the unity in diversity all the one have right to do all the things they want