Why you need a professional marriage photographer to save your big day!

North East Wedding Photographer

Creating a wedding photography guide is a perfect way to keep focused on your wedding album on what you want from your North East Wedding Photographer  on the day and the kind of pictures that you want. This list can act as a guide to help flow your day to ensure that everybody sticks to the times and places. If everything is organized in advance, everyone knows what they are expected of.

This wedding photography list can then be copied and sent to the Best man and ushers, who can support the photographer on the day by getting people ready for the group shots, keeping the guests from standing around waiting for their images to be taken forever. The list also ensures that all-important ones are included in the photographs and not left out by error.

North East Wedding Photographer

Visit locations ahead of the big day. A professional wedding photographer should know local wedding venues so that they are aware of where to photograph the wedding party to get the best results and how to use the backdrops and natural light for the best benefit. All of this helps with the daytime flow of photography and again prevents your guests from waiting while the photographer searches for the “right” spot. Nothing worse than seeing irritated visitors captured in their eyes with the bright sunshine.

Backup should be there 

What if the weather is bad, or a camera fails? The true sign of a professional wedding photographer is being prepared and carrying the spare equipment. They should always have a wet weather plan so they can still work through the wedding photography list without too much hesitation, and the wedding party will notice the confidence gained, which in turn will be more appreciative of the professional skills.

The same is true for having a spare camera, lens, battery and memory card. It’s not a new phenomenon to drop a camera or smash a lens while working and you never know when the electronic equipment will fail. So, there should always be a professional prepared.

They should also learn how to use their appliances. This may sound like an obvious statement, but the last thing you want is for them to check their camera constantly and hesitate while taking group shots! Can you imagine being in a church, and the photographers’ camera bleeping all you can hear during the service? So again, pick someone who knows how to use their camera and turn off the sound!

Professional photography of the wedding is not just about the Bride and Groom. It also has to do with capturing all the information which makes up their special day. All the little shots like the layout of the room, flowers, menus, table settings, details of the wedding dress and even guests interacting. All these detailed shots add a lot to the wedding album and help record the day’s story.

Quite often at weddings, something will always go wrong. Wait for the unexpected. But the photographer should be there for catching the moment and documenting it as part of the experience of the day. What usually happens is that people will always look back with a smile and remember those kinds of images happily.